About Us

The Wex is a civic center located in downtown Cadillac, Michigan. Located right along Main St. The Wex event center is a unique space that can hold any type of event, ranging from weddings and graduation parties to UWE wrestling and business expos.

The Event Center is a 20,000 sq. ft. space, making it that largest in town. Capable of holding and 1,800 seats in our bleachers. The Event Center also has a large loading door for easy access into the facility for set-up.

Hours of Operation

Standard event hours for the facility are from 8:00 am until 11:59 pm. Arrangements for activated before or after these posted hours can be made through your Event Coordinator.

Event Coordinator

Think of your Event Coordinator as your guide. This individual is assigned to work with you and your staff throughout the process of your event.

The Marquee in the front of the building offers you the opportunity to identify your event to your attendees. Please provide your Event Coordinator with what you would like on the marquee. It will be placed on the sign the week before your event until the end of your event. Additionally, your event will be posted on The Wex website for your convenience.


A concessions counter is located at the southeast corner of the building. Please arrange for hours of concessions with your Event Coordinator.

Room Rental

The Wex Event Center has electrical hook ups, metal folding chairs, 8 foot tables, a stage, wireless microphone, PA system and projectors. Additionally, there is wireless Internet available, all included in the price of your rental.

Building Security

Your Event Coordinator will work with you to arrange any additional security staff required to service your event. During non-standard operating hours of your event all doors will be locked as well as the gate surrounding the perimeter. Talk with your Event Coordinator about providing any keys to building to you.


The Wex will provide general maintenance of restroom, lobby and entrance. In the winter months The Wex will maintain the snow removal in the parking lot as well and salting all entrances surrounding the facility.

Trash Removal

The Wex provides all the labor and removal of post event trash. We do require that all the trash be collected off the floor and placed into the trash receptacles provided.

Damage to Facilities

As the Licensee who has contracted for the use of the facilities, you are responsible for any damage caused by your staff, contractors, exhibitors, speakers or attendees. This is intended to help us recover costs for repairing damage to the facility (which exceeds reasonable wear and tear) caused by anyone connected with your event.